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The plant is located in the town of Foligno.
The property is approximately 450sqm equipped with 7 refrigerated cells used to store slaughtered pigs, and for the cooling and maintenance of cooked porchetta, a room for the processing of meat and a large cooking area with 2 ovens a capacity of three pigs each.
The whole plant have washable walls and floor, according to EEC regulations, and are equipped with air conditioning systems.

The typical umbra porchetta has a producing cycle characterized by the following steps:

  • Selecting: we select only animals coming from national herds, of various size and weight in order to obtain a wide range of finished fine products of "suckling piglet porchetta", 50 kg "porchettona", "half-carcases" and "porchetta rolls" based on the customer's request.

  • Raw material inspection: after having inspected slaughtered pigs and the temperature at which they are stocked during shipping, we require a further inspection by a veterinarian, in accordance with the EEC regulations; then pigs are deboned, beheaded, stocked with salt, pepper and natural spices (rosemary, garlic and fennel) and placed on stainless steel trolleys for cooking WITHOUT any additional preservatives or colouring agents.

  • Cooking: the oven takes place at a constant average temperature of about 200°C (392°F), until reaching an inner temperature of 72°C (162°F), so its own fat melt flavouring the meat and keeping its skin well crunchy and tasty for several days avoiding any contamination by salmonella. Once the cooking is done, the roasted pig is placed in a cold room for the rapid reduction of the temperature to below 10°C (50°F), which avoids the possible risk of development of bacteria.

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